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Tips and advice to make your online swinging profile successful in attracting other members!

Creating your swingers profile is actually the most important part of your search for finding others on the Internet, and unfortunately it is the main thing that we can' t do for you. However, we can provide you with tips and advice to make your online swinging profile successful in attracting other members who you could be the most compatible with you. The information you use in your profile is what gives your potential new friends that important first impression of you. Needless to say, it is worth spending the extra effort and time in creating the best swinger profile you can.

Choosing a Good Screen Name
Create an easy to remember screen name. If you meet a couple at a swingers club or event you want your name to be remembered. Put some time into finding a good one.

Example: SexyFloridaCouple - would be an easy to remember name. Even SexyFloridaCouple911 is easy to remember. However, SexyFLcpl911 is not, so try to get a good screen name.

Your Descriptions and Swinging Interests
First, make sure you have fun writing your profile, because it will come across in your words. Really take the time to think about the effect that your words will have on the other members. How would you feel if you read this profile? Make sure that you come over as a fun and happy couple. Try to keep it light and to the point, without too many unnecessary details. Try to be confident, but not come off as arrogant. Just make sure to be honest and sincere in your profile about yourselves and what you are looking for in other members.

Describe Carefully the Type of People You Hope to Meet
Think about what you are looking for in a potential partner. What qualities are very important in the people you meet, and what can you compromise with? Think about what physical characteristics are true deal-breakers for you. Would you turn down meeting people who are everything you both desired, because they are smokers? Think about where you could make a compromise and concentrate on qualities that truly are important to you. If you are looking for well groomed, height to weight proportionate people just say so and keep it to that. Make sure to include an age range of people you would like to meet. If you do not want single guys contacting you then just mention it nicely one time. Just don't add "NO SINGLE GUYS!!!!!!!!" in ten different places in your profile. Also, especially ladies, if you are bi-sexual then you may want to let it be known. The majority or the women in the lifestyle seem to be bi-sexual, so this is not uncommon. This way you will have a greater chance of meeting compatible people, which you could both really get along with.

Choosing Good Photos for Your Profile
On, you have an online photo album where you can show your photographs. Remember, there are also private photos, so that the only people who will see your private photographs are those with whom you have allowed to access them.

Other members will immediately form their first impressions of you based on your photographs, so it's is very important to make sure they are sending the right message. Here are some tips for great swinger profile photographs:
  • Take new up to date photographs of yourselves. Make sure that you are both well groomed and against a good background. Ladies should where sexy clothes, dresses and lingerie, and guys should dress to impress. Ladies wearing mom pants, with a baggy t-shirt, and old tennis shoes most likely will not get a good response.

  • Take lots of photographs, so you can then pick only the very best ones to use in your online swinger profile.

  • Look carefully at what is in the background of the photos. Do not take a picture in front of your house with the street address showing, or in front of your car with your license plate showing.

  • Clean up the house first. Do not have photos with dirty clothes on the floor in the background. A sink full of dirty dishes, children's toys scattered everywhere, or dozens of beer cans in the background will most likely give a bad impression.

  • Do not just show one picture of blurry boobs, or a blurry butt and expect a lot of interest.

  • Don't use photographs that are too old, because while they may give a good first impression they will find out the truth as soon as they meet you. That will not be a good situation for either of you.

  • Do not use photographs that are too dark or blurry for members to be able to see you. Remember that everyone is here for basically the same reason. Don't you want to be able to see the other member's photos? Think which members stand out to you, because they usually have clear photos.

  • Do feel free to crop your faces or cover them up on the public photos. Save the unedited face photos for your private photo album.

  • If you are a couple then show pictures of both of you. Why do so many profiles have 20 pictures of the female and then none of the male half? Aren't both of you coming when you meet another members? Guys show your picture.

Things to Think about for Your Safety
Here are some online tips that you may want to try on your swinger profile.
  • Feel free to place your location as the next town or city over from you, as not to give away your location to strangers.

  • Do not use your real names as your screen name.

  • Be selective on who you give your phone number to.

  • When calling others you may want to block your call as private, or they may get your full name off of the caller ID.

  • Do not show your faces in the public photos unless you are an open couple to swinging and being seen does not matter to you.

  • You may want to change your names slightly until you have met and our comfortable with the people. Example: Jack and Betty could be Jon and Becky, or just use J & B.

  • Always meet first in a public place, and not at your home.

  • Do not let others take pictures of you naked or having sex, unless really you don't care where those photos might end up. Just simply say, 'No pictures please.'

  • Remember to Check Your Spelling and Grammar

  • Then make sure you use a spelling and grammar checker, so that there are no errors in it.
    Cuz, it will hurt ur chanses when u spell thingz rong. 'LOL'

  • Special Note: Do not overuse 'LOL' in your profile, and when messaging or chatting.

  • When you are completed make sure you and your partner proofread it several times.
We hope this information helps.
Good Luck!

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