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Rules: Code of Conduct

As a condition to your use of the Website, the content and features, you agree to comply with these Terms, and to follow our Code of Conduct as set out below. Under this Code, you will not:

  • Provide any content that is false, defamatory, unlawfully threatening, unlawful harassing, illegal, abusive or otherwise a violation of any of the guidelines of the site or these terms of service.
  • Solicit members for other services.
  • Distribute any data from the site about any member without their permission.
  • Violate any third party copyrights, patent, trademark, trade secrete or proprietary rights.
  • Transmit materials that contain computer viruses, Trojans, worms or any other malware for any reason.
  • Seek financial gain from the website.
  • Use the Website to generate traffic to another site.
  • Distribute Spam.
  • Hack or Scrap the site.
  • Use the site to violate any law or regulation.

    Tabu LifeStyle will enforce the above Code of Conduct wherever we deem necessary. We do endorse the Content accessed through our Site. When you use , you do so at your own risk, and we expressly disclaim responsibility for the Content.

    Removal of Content
    We expect each user of to act responsibly, and to respect the rights of others. Tabu LifeStyle seek to protect the integrity and security of our computing systems, and the right to protect our community of Members from claims of intellectual property infringement and other claims or threats, such as those detailed in our Terms of Service. We reserve the right in our discretion to monitor your use of the Website, your Profile, any communications made on the Site, and other Content transmitted through the Site. Additionally, we restrict access to certain Internet sites or other resources; and will take other actions we deem necessary to protect our community of users and our resources. Due to this monitoring, you cannot expect that communications through our Website will remain "private" or otherwise free of our review. We will remove offensive Content or any Content violating our Terms or the rights of our members.

    Revocation or Suspension of Use Privileges
    Tabu LifeStyle reserve the right at any time to terminate or suspend your account(s) or your access to our Site or to certain Facilities if you engage in activities that we conclude, in our sole discretion, breach our Code of Conduct or otherwise violate any of the terms and conditions set forth in these Terms. If removed all membership fees paid up to the date of termination are non-refundable.

    Users should also understand that our Code of Conduct is based in many instances on principles of state and federal law. Users who violate our Code of Conduct accordingly may be exposed under these state and federal laws to criminal charges, and civil liability to harmed parties for compensatory damages and attorney's fees. We reserve the right at all times to disclose information it deems necessary to satisfy any applicable law, regulation, legal process, or governmental request, consistent with its Privacy Policy.

    Member disputes
    You are solely responsible for your interaction with other Members, both online or offline. We may monitor disputes between you and other Members, but we have no obligation to become involved. If you have a dispute with one or more Members, you release us (and our officers, directors, agents, employees, subsidiaries, and affiliates) from all claims, demands, and damages (actual and consequential) of every kind and nature, known and unknown, arising out of or in any way connected with such dispute.


    Any messages, profile text, etc. That promote a product, service, or link outside of Tabu Lifestyle will be removed immediately and may be grounds to suspend or delete the account without refund or compensation.

    Please use common sense when sending out or posting messages. If in doubt please do not hesitate to contact for permission, or help to promote an event.



    Threats of any kind are grounds for immediate account termination without refund or compensation.



    Please note: All photos are reviewed by and may be deleted due to violations to the rules and policies that are agreed to when uploading a photograph. and T&A Enterprise LLC. reserves the right to suspend or delete any account without refund or compensation for any rule violation(s).


    Uploading images that contain children or minors is prohibited.


    Uploading images that contain animals where there is nudity or depictions of sexual acts, simulated or not simulated is prohibited.


    Uploading images that contain people other than you without their expressed permission is prohibited.


    No images containing personally identifiable contact information such as URL's, email addresses, phone numbers or anything deemed to be promotional in any way will be accepted for posting.


    No images containing, or protected by, any type of copyright by any party other than yourself will be accepted for posting.


    T & A Enterprise LLC. reserves the right to remove any image from the system at anytime for any reason it deems necessary.


    Thank you and "PLAY SAFE"!