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Welcome to Tabu Lifestyle, an Adult Swinger’s Online Community

TLS is a site for like-minded alt lifestyle couples and singles that have one thing in common, meet one another and see where it goes from there. For swingers in the swinger lifestyle, we thought long and hard on how to make it most efficient for these like-minded people to get together, to pursue their mutual likes.

We eliminated the extras and junk from the site and focused on the quality of what is important to swinger couples and swinger singles. We know it’s about meeting other adult swingers and having fun. But, to meet other real swingers, you must have a website with real swingers and NOT FAKE Swinger Profiles!


Our Membership Plans

Why does Tabu Lifestyle only have four payment options? Our philosophy is simple compared to other adult swinger’s sites, if you have skin (all pun intended) “money” in the game, you are more likely to put the time into filling your profile with photos and reaching out to other like-minded swingers like you to meet. But we also know that in many cases everyday life comes first for many in the swing lifestyle. We think it’s important that when life takes over for those few weeks or months, that you shouldn’t be charged for that and that is why the month membership has been very popular among our members.

For the ones who have a little more flexibility in their alternative lifestyle we offer a three and six-month membership also. Your profile will always be there and now with how phones and your computer saves your payment information, it makes it that much simpler to log on and pay for the time you want. Now for the empty nesters we know you can get your freak on much more than others and that is why our lifetime membership is perfect for you.

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About TabuLifestyle.com

Swinger and other adult and non-adult oriented websites are notorious for making fake profiles and fixing your ip address to show these fake profiles, NOT Tabu Lifestyle! If we only have 20 couples or singles in an area, it’s our job to do more events and get more like-minded individuals on Tabu Lifestyle to meet others like them. Tabu Lifestyle has a great event system that is built for individuals to build their network of real adult swingers. Building a adult swinger community is about communication and Tabu Lifestyle is about you meeting others.

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Why TabuLifestyle.com?

Let’s get right to the point

All swinger websites will say the same thing, but we know they monitor your emails and in some cases, have targeted words you can’t put in your email and if you do, you could get kicked off the site, whether it’s another site or maybe another sites party. Sure, if you are advertising the party, we would ask you not to, but if you are just letting people know where you will be, hey have at it. Remember on Tabu Lifestyle it’s about the real adult swingers. Your alt lifestyle is your alternative lifestyle, we are only a mere portal for you to meet others that enjoy your likes in the swinger lifestyle community.

Grow your swinger lifestyle circle of friends right here on Tabu Lifestyle. Why isn’t Tabu Lifestyle like other free swinger sites? Sure, you can make a profile on Tabu but unlike other swinger websites, we won’t allow you to just bounce around and look at people photos, hoping to see someone you know. Unfortunately, for swinger websites that allow free members, that doesn’t help the real swingers who are online to meet real swinger couples or singles. Tabu Lifestyle is about building a quality adult swingers community on all platforms. We know it’s about meeting likeminded couples or singles to fulfill fantasies.

Ads Free

Do you get sick of all the free swinger ads bombarding you profile? If so, you don’t have to worry about that on Tabu Lifestyle. We don’t run any adult swinger free ads. We will have an area for these types of free swinger ads. We want you the swinger to have an area that has all these different swinger opportunities but without all the free swinger ads that just become annoying.

At Tabu Lifestyle we strive to give our alt lifestyle friends the best environment to pursue your kinks and desires. The openminded alternative lifestyle we all live is built on the friendships one builds within the swing lifestyle community. These friendships in the swinger lifestyle in many cases are life long and circling yourself with likeminded couples and individuals in the adult swinger lifestyle can put a smile on your face when you least expect it, all swinger pun intended. The openminded BDSM lifestyle is a big part of many in the adult swinger community, here on Tabu Lifestyle we have events that cater to the BDSM world. Many say they have never tried the kinks in the BDSM lifestyle but, get signed up for one of our Tabu Lifestyle events and see what you are missing.