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Club Name:  Rendezvous Socials
Days Open:   Sat
Location:  Knoxville, TN
Phone:  (270) 566-1310
Description:  Rendezvous is the oldest and most successful adult private social club in the Knoxville area. This site and the Rendezvous community were created by couples for couples only and is the online extension of Rendezvous Socials of Knoxville, Tennessee. It is dedicated to the swinging lifestyle. Here you will find information on the lifestyle as well as information about Rendezvous Socials and events. Our commitment to quality and discretion is second to none, and we make every effort to insure that each and every one of our members and guests have an enjoyable evening.

The Rendezvous gang gets together once a month to have an erotic dance party with old friends, and we welcome new explorers with open arms of friendship. No one leaves a party feeling like an outsider, it`s the friendliest bunch of people you`ll ever meet, and will make every effort to make you feel comfortable.

Our parties are `off-premise` (meaning there isn`t any sex allowed AT the party), and you aren`t required to do ANYTHING but have a good time. So whatever you`re comfortable with, Rendezvous is the place to start. Whether you like to do a little naughty-dancing on the floor, meet someone for erotic fun after the party, or just sit back and watch the gang having fun, you`re sure to be pleased.
We have adequate seating for over 100 couples, a meet and greet area and a professional DJ for your entertainment...
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